Bsd updating all ports

We will also discuss how to update and maintain optional software installed through the ports or packages systems.

If you need help getting started with Free BSD, follow our guide here.

For example, the following will update all installed ports except The portmaster utility also provides some other useful functions.

For example, portmaster can be used as a port installation tool by executing it as though you were updating a port.

Finally, the name of the port should be one of the following: the full name of the port directory as specified in .

pr=ports/184276) explains that "the directory structure where Perl is installed has also been modified ....

If configuration options have changed since the last time the port was updated, portmaster will likely prompt for input.

However, you can force the configuration dialogs for all ports by adding the force-config option to the command: If none of the port’s dependencies require updating, portmaster will simply download the necessary source files and perform the update, otherwise you will be presented a list of ports that will be updated and asked to confirm before portmaster proceeds.

In this guide, we will be covering the basic processes needed to keep your server up-to-date and functioning properly.

We will be covering how to update the base operating system that the Free BSD team maintains.

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